Dec. 17th, 2011

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That was... weird. Anybody think there's some kind of trick behind this? I can't shake the feeling that those of us who refused to leave to, ah, relieve Mayfield of that extra baggage might get punished for it, no matter how reassuring the news bulletin was about it.

I suppose it might just be me being a spoilsport, but if anybody notices something weird around they should do well to inform everybody they could. And what are we supposed to do with these replacements they sent? I had enough with one drone kid to have to lock down, am I supposed to do the same with Bart's replacement?

[The last part is said in a noticeably increasing angry tone. She's still dealing with the fact that she lost what was a son to her, she is not willing to deal with what she considers a huge disrespect to him. 

Then, a long pause in which she doesn't hang up yet. As if she wasn't really sure if she should add that last part or not. In the end, she decides to go for it.]

I'm sorry if any of you lost an important person.

[Being nice is hard, is hard and nobody understands.]

[Action - housemates]

[Sorry Bart, mom is ignoring you. As far as she's concerned there's something... off about you, something wrong. And after hearing the news- well, she won't risk spending time with one of the 'replacements']


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