Nov. 2nd, 2011

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[Action – 508 Ricardo Street’s garden]

[Whether you’re one of Ivy’s housemates, a neighbor or simply happen to walk by in front of her house… today you’ll be greeted with an unusual sight.

Pam’s cooing over a plant. Well- that’s not really unusual on itself, of course. She loves on every plant she sees. This one, though… this one happens to be a snapping Venus fly-trap, and it’s way taller than Pamela herself. The plant seems to be leaning to be petted, and Pam is more than happy to do so.]

Did you miss me? Aww don’t worry baby, mommy missed you too. I’ll take care of you, dear.

[If it wasn’t completely impossible, you’d think the plant understand what she’s saying. It slowly snaps open and close and she’s petted, and the leaves move like a dog would wag its tail.

Don’t worry though; it’s a completely domesticated plant.

Kind of.]

[ooc: yeah so… Ivy regained one of her beloved plant-pets, and this one EATS PEOPLE IF YOU LET HER 80! I don’t think Ivy will be using it because lol death has no real meaning in this place, but I’ll leave a handy link on her permissions post in case some of you piss her off enough.]


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