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[After Ivy had come back after the whole Mayfield incident, she'd pretty much been staying inside of her room, only coming out to work and go grocery shopping when needed. Her new so called husband had proven to be actually rather intelligent, after he as done freaking out about the whole where-did-the-stitches-in-my-mouth-go thing... but she still wasn't willing to trust him when it came to food.

So, to summarize... she hadn't had a good couple of days. Being urged to kill your friend and actually considering it did that to you.

Harley, being the best friend there is had definitely helped the day before. The forest was already gone (she'd checked, a girl can dream) but it was still a thrill to be surrounded by plants again, even if only for a day. But it seemed Mayfield wasn't done with the surprises for her.

Today, she's received a package in the mail, addressed to her. And since she hadn't been in this city for long, she still didn't mistrust everything that came from it. She opened it right away.

Inside, there was an old pic of her. The old her, with her grey skin and proud smirk as she put her lipstick on. She hadn't had a fear during those time, she hadn't been afraid of anything. Not even dead itself.

Inside of the package, there was an actual lipstick. 

Message received, Mayfield. Now she only had to try it...]

[A Action- 508 Ricardo Street]
[Hello there Loki, remember your wife? The one that got so mad at you for kissing her than bit your lip until it bleed? She totally grabbed  you and pulled you into a kiss today. 
Women, right?]
[B Phone - Drone filters]

[Have a crazy-sounding woman laughing over the phone Mayfield. Even then, Ivy's voice sounds... sultry. Flirting is a switch she can't turn off.]
It works. [A pause]
Harley, are you still immune? If not, you need to get your shoots so we can play.
[Yes, she loves making people wonder about the implications]

[C Action- Various]
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